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Introduction to UGYL

Trillions of dollars are spent every year on making you feel inadequate so you keep buying stuff you don’t really need!

Do you LOOK good enough... Clothes FASHIONABLE enough? Driving the RIGHT CAR? Accessories COOL enough? ADDRESS upscale enough? How about your NOSE? Is it cute enough?

If these things matter to you, you can have them all by becoming part of the UGYL community.

Do you want to be FREE of “not good enough” messages? Do you want to wake up full of energy and self-confidence? Do you want to discover and feel great about yourself; know your purpose; have a clear goal? Do you simply want to be happy; have a circle of people whose friendship you enjoy?

Upgrade your health! Upgrade your wealth! Upgrade your happiness and upgrade your relationships!
Meet Professional Coaches and Specialists; share experiences with other participants.
Join our UGYL Tribe today.

What is UGYL?

UGYL - Upgrade your Life is an affordable, Group Coaching Program designed to help you feel better, do better and enjoy your life by finding inner-balance.

These 90-minute, high-impact, motivating and practical coaching sessions are designed to make a positive and measurable difference to your business and your life. You get to focus on what really matters when it comes to your health, wealth, happiness and relationships.

Relevant, timely and straight-to-the-point subjects are delivered by ICTN’s most powerful and effective specialists, consultants and presenters.

The Group Coaching Sessions run in 90-minute blocks all day. Participants can choose the times and subjects that work best for them while networking with other interesting people in a pleasant and entertaining setting.


  • Come discover why you are perfectly designed for what you were created to achieve. Feeling “not good enough” holds you back from achieving your dreams.
  • Reclaim HOPE in your future; discover how to remove stress, clutter and toxic people from your life. Stress contributes to low-energy, hopelessness and disease.
  • Never feel alone. Join a circle of friends and expert coaches who are ready and able to help you find inner balance and fulfillment.


Fay Niewiadomski

A former Dean with 40 years of experience is an international, award-winning Change Management Strategist, Hypnotherapist and Strategic Intervention Coach.

Founder and CEO of ICTN since 1993, she consults for and trains leading multinationals in the MENA region. Fay pioneered Assessment Development Centers in the 90s and continues to implement these for Senior Management.

A Master Facilitator for TMSDI and EBW-UK, she is an expert in the use of integrated psychometric and diagnostic tools for organizational development and change management.

She is certified by the Banyan Institute in California, USA as a 5-PATH® Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher.

Recent qualifications are: Strategic Interventionist with Anthony Robbins, Cloe Madanes and T. Harv Eker. In December 2012, Fay completed the most advanced level of Trainer Training with coaches from the movie industry in Hollywood.

Zygmunt Niewiadomski

Managing Partner and Chief Technical Officer at ICTN is a natural innovator, inventor and the creator of the Understanding Model.

He has studied many branches of Engineering and focused on Automotive Engineering at certain time in his career. He developed a high-performance fuel additive and launched it with great success.

Today he practices inter-disciplinary problem solving.  His approach combines human psychology, engineering and science.  This enables him to come up with ingenious solutions that would not normally occur to the more traditional thinkers and managers.

Zygmunt has been exposed to manufacturing since he was a child and takes great interest in achieving high levels of efficiency and effectiveness in all his projects.

He uses innovative approaches to solving problems. However, he combines his innovative approaches with practical implementation of the solutions he develops.

When a surprisingly simple and creative solution is required, Zygmunt is at his best.   He combines a long term view of the situation with an understanding of the risks involved but does not let these deter him from finding a solution that works.

Rima Awada Zgheib

Managing Partner at ICTN, is an Accredited Trainer, Instructional Designer and EI Facilitator with nine years years of practical experience.

Her experience includes sales, marketing and customer service in the MENA region. She is a business graduate with emphasis on Systems Thinking from the Open University, UK. Rima is also an Instructional Designer from University of Maryland and currently studying Design Thinking at Sloan School of Management, MIT

She is a Certified Trainer from ICTN. Rima has delivered several workshops such as Becoming the Expert Assistant, Customer Service, Time Management and Sales Workshops for large companies in the Middle East. She is fluent in English and Arabic with good communication skills. Rima has finished 10-Day E-commerce MBA program from Simon Coulson-UK and conducted workshops on market research using Google tools.

In addition to this, Rima is an Accredited Emotions and Behaviours at Work Facilitator from the UK. She administers , analyses and coaches others in managing their emotions and behaviors more effectively.

Some of the clients that Rima delivered workshops to are: Majid Al Futtaim, Indevco, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Holcim, Byblos Bank. Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon and many others…


As people recognize the value of personal development, we want to support them because happier and better adjusted people mean a better world.

Most of us have, at best, 80 summers to fulfill our life purpose. Upgrade your Life (UGYL) helps you reach fulfillment before your summers run out.

How does UGYL work?

There are a 4 major themes that really matter to us all:
Happiness, Wealth, Health and Relationships.

  • Theme 1 is about your personal HAPPINESS because it is what gives us an appetite for life and the desire to pursue goals that really matter to us.
  • Theme 2 is about WEALTH - unless you are financially free your choices are very limited.
  • Theme 3 is about HEALTH and wellbeing. Good health offers you the energy and stamina you need to pursue your goals.
  • Theme 4 is about RELATIONSHIPS with others near and far because the quality of our social interactions directly impact the quality and length of our lives.

Theme One


Your Personal Success Toolkit

  • Know What You Want and Know How to Get it
  • Build a Reputation that Makes You Rich
  • Become Unbreakable and Unshakeable -I
  • Become Unbreakable and Unshakeable -II
  • Become an Effective Persuader

Theme Two


Your Financial Freedom Toolkit

  • Become a Money Magnet and Fix the hole in your pocket
  • Get on the path of financial freedom
  • Complete the Journey to financial freedom
  • Take Control of your financial future

Theme Three


Your Health and Wellbeing Toolkit

  • Stay Young with new science
  • Use Food Fashions to look and feel fabulous
  • Get out of Relationship Hell
  • Reclaim Personal Happiness and Independence

Theme Four


Your Relationship Toolkit

  • Don't just be smart, act smart!: EQ Beats IQ
  • Master Your Life with Mindfulness
  • Develop People Power: Bring out the best in people
  • Become an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

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Build a Reputation that Makes You Rich*
Become an Effective Persuader*
Become Unbreakable and Unshakeable*

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