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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Life©

by Fay Niewiadomski, Founder and CEO of ICTN

If you are NOT getting the RESULTS you want from your life. You have a choice:

  • make up a ‘story’ and believe that you are a ‘victim’ of ‘bad luck’ or
  • take RESPONSIBILITY for your FUTURE!

Upgrade Your Life is a program designed to help you get far enough out of your ‘COMFORT ZONE’ so you can GROW and have the life you really want.

The program helps you:

  1. Identify what’s holding you back and remove those obstacles
  2. Make the tough decisions you need to make
  3. Overcome your FEARS
  4. Design your life based on YOUR goals and not anyone else’s
  5. Create your PLAN OF ACTION
  6. DO IT
  7. Enjoy better health, wealth, relationships and happiness.
    • If you haven’t experienced any of our Group Coaching / Workshop sessions yet, you are missing out.  
  • Remember if you are not growing and learning you are dying!
  • For the price of a simple meal, you can start upgrading your life.
  • Make your MOVE – Contact us to register for your first session.

© Copyright Fay Niewiadomski 01/28/2019


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