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Become an Effective Persuader*

“Our ability to communicate effectively is the link between us and everything we need and want.”

There are  three things to discover about ourselves so getting what we need and want is easier:

ONE: understand what kind of communicator we are and how others see us because communication is all about how the people we talk to receive and interpret our words and actions.  We can control our communication style so our messages reach the persons we want to influence and get understood the way we intended them to be.

TWO: examine our communication style and remove unhelpful skills and replace them with skills that give us better results in both our personal and professional lives.

THREE: work at developing our communication toolkit so that we become captivating and engaging speakers and communicators.

Here are some valuable tips on how to get started on the journey of becoming a more Effective Persuader.

Consider these  FOUR points:

  • WHEN should I initiate this conversation or present my idea? Carefully select the setting and the mood within which the communication will happen.

  • HOW should I manage my state and my attitude to get cooperation from the person(s) I want to persuade? Our  thoughts about the situation and the people cause us to project the attitude others perceive. Make it positive.

  • WHO am I and WHOM am I speaking to must be carefully considered on all levels. We must match the style of the person we want to influence.

  • WHAT is the message I want to deliver and what is the outcome I want? Do not propose solutions before you  understand the problem as the other person sees it.

Becoming an effective persuader  is the link between us and everything we need and want.

*This is an invitation to Upgrade Your Life  with our Group Coaching workshop: Become an Effective Persuader

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