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Build a Reputation that Makes You Rich*

Success involves building solid relationships. Networking is the way to do it so networking is a vital business and social skill. Without a robust network and strong relationships, your business dies.

Building positive relationships with a large circle of people is the business of business.

Although networking is sometimes given a ‘bad reputation’, the fact remains that if you do want to succeed in private practice or business, your network is crucial. Strategic friendships make or break any business, no matter how big and no matter what kind of industry or market you are in.

So how do you get started? The first thing is to take a good look at yourself and your behavior. Check how you measure up on LIKEABILITY?

There are 12 Rules of Likeability to evaluate yourself against and start practicing immediately.

We like people who…


1) like us. 7) are genuine.
2) are like us. 8) we associate with positive feelings.
3) can teach us without preaching at us. 9) are courteous.
4) lift our spirits. 10) we are familiar with.
5) pay attention to us. 11) don’t take themselves too seriously.
6) are approachable. 12) are beautiful on the inside.


In addition to these TWELVE Rules for Likeability, there are SEVEN ways to increase your INFLUENCE at work and in other spheres of your life. One way is how you look.  Others form positive or negative first impressions based on our physical appearance. Come and discover six other ways to develop your personal brand and increase your attractiveness. Enhancing your appearance is just one of seven powerful ways of becoming a powerful influencer at work.

*This is an invitation to  Upgrade Your Life with our Group Coaching and workshop session “Build a Reputation that makes you Rich!”


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