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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Life©

by Fay Niewiadomski, Founder and CEO of ICTN

If you are NOT getting the RESULTS you want from your life. You have a choice:

  • make up a ‘story’ and believe that you are a ‘victim’ of ‘bad luck’ or
  • take RESPONSIBILITY for your FUTURE!

Upgrade Your Life is a program designed to help you get far enough out of your ‘COMFORT ZONE’ so you can GROW and have the life you really want.


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Get out of Relationship Hell!©

By Fay Niewiadomski, Founder and CEO of ICTN

Why is it that as soon as the world RELATIONSHIP comes up, our thoughts move outward and our eyes begin to scan the environment for the OTHER PERSON in the RELATIONSHIP. Isn’t it strange that the relationship with ourselves doesn’t seem to come to mind? And yet, that all-important relationship with ourselves is the one that defines every other relationship! (more…)

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Top 12 Secrets to Staying Young©

by Fay Niewiadomski, Founder and CEO of ICTN

What does it mean to STAY YOUNG? Well, there is one aspect of aging that we really can’t control and that is our CHRONOLOGICAL AGE.  The calendar keeps progressing and the clock keeps ticking as we add another year to our age. The good news is that there are TWO other types of AGE that we CAN do something about: (more…)

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