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Know What you Want and Know How to Get it*

Set your goals and make them real with an effective road map.

The biggest challenge we face is how to make our lives better.

I want to be rich.
I want to look younger, prettier, slimmer, sexier, etc.
I want to be stronger, happier, more energetic, etc.

But another challenge occurs when we ask: “WHY are these things important?” The answers are – “I’d feel better about myself.” “My life would be easier because I wouldn’t have to work so hard.”
And the answer to “How will you get what you want?” is: “I don’t know!”

So what is the probability of finding something when we don’t know WHAT we are looking for nor WHY it is important and have no clarity on HOW to get it?

The probability is low without clear answers to:

WHAT do I really want?
WHY do I want it?
HOW will I get it?

Imagine, two different places. One, we will call the “Land of Ideas” and the other the “Land of Reality”. They are very different and it takes a lot of energy to transform something that is no more than a thought into a physical thing.

If you imagine a design for a beautiful chair in your head, how much energy and skill will it take to design and make the chair? Before you can sit on the chair, a significant amount of materials, skills, time, effort and money are needed.

The same is true for us when we attempt to take an idea that is just in our head and make it into something that is real.

Knowing what we want and how to get must become part of our Personal Success Toolkit!

*This is an invitation to Upgrade Your Life  with our Group Coaching workshop: Know What You Want, Know How to Get It.

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