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Top 12 Secrets to Staying Young©

by Fay Niewiadomski, Founder and CEO of ICTN

What does it mean to STAY YOUNG? Well, there is one aspect of aging that we really can’t control and that is our CHRONOLOGICAL AGE.  The calendar keeps progressing and the clock keeps ticking as we add another year to our age. The good news is that there are TWO other types of AGE that we CAN do something about:


Biological age as you probably guessed is about how your body is coping with wear and tear and the condition of your cells based on the way you treat your body

Mental age is psychological and is about how old or young you really FEEL.

The 12 SECRETS to staying young are about managing our Biological and Mental Age.  These are the 12 ways that have worked wonderfully for me:

  1. Laugh a lot and especially at yourself.  There is nothing worse than taking yourself too seriously.
  2. Never believe or subscribe to the “You’re too old for this!” story. Do what you want to do; you don’t need anyone’s permission!
  3. Exercise daily, dance whenever you feel like it – it is elating.
  4. Spend time in nature – take in the sounds, the silence, the shapes and colors, the scents and most of all the oxygen.
  5. Avoid ‘TOXIC’ people at all costs – socialize with those whose company is a pleasure and sometimes your OWN company can be the best.
  6. Spend time with young people of all ages and if you have grandchildren get to know them; talk to them like you would with a grown-up, take them on ‘adventures’ and just enjoy their company.
  7. Keep up with technology – read, explore, try it out, feed your curiosity.
  8. Enjoy your wine, your chocolate and any other small vices that give you pleasure.
  9. Be stylish – dress well, fashionably and colorfully.
  10. Sleep 8 hours – relax, meditate or whatever else helps you achieve deep, restful sleep for most of those hours.
  11. Listen to music that uplifts your spirit, energizes you and puts you in a good mood.
  12. Drive a cool car with the sunroof open.

Please tell us what you do to stay physically and mentally young!  Add your comments, make additional suggestions or ask us questions.

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© Copyright 2019- Fay Niewiadomski

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